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Canyon View played host to the Millennium Tigers in the first of the two game series. The Jaguars had won its previous nine contests and the Tigers were undefeated on the season except for a loss to Salesian on a California road game. The Canyon View gym was standing room only filled equally with fans of both programs.

The first half was fast paced and Millennium sophomore Cameron Holmes led the way offensively while creating turnovers on the defensive end. Canyon View was forced to take rushed shots inside and contested shots from the perimeter.

Millennium won the game 69-53 with a second half performance similar to their first half. Adam Hubbard and Denali McNeal of Canyon View were largely neutralized by the Millennium defense and the Tigers dominated in both offensive and defensive rebounding.

According to Jaguars Coach David O'Dell "We were not patient enough on offense and didn’t shoot the ball well. All credit to millennium - they are top ranked for a reason and the next matchup in 2 weeks will have a different out come as long as we make the necessary adjustments." That matchup is set for 7pm on February 6th at Millennium and will likely be a full house as well.
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