A message from your photographers: "We’re a creative husband and wife team, passionate about one another in a way we never dreamed was imaginable. That passion spills over into our professional lives. We work together so harmoniously it feels like we’re making music. We go with the flow and allow our surroundings to inspire our shooting style.  We are looking forward to working with you!"



Born in Asheville, NC & raised near Atlanta, GA,  Dia spent her early years in the great outdoors. After the loss of her oldest brother in 1990, she began using the arts as a way to express herself and find comfort.  Dia went on to major in theatre and shortly thereafter she began her career in TV as a camera operator at ABC affiliate WLOS News 13.  She became the lead Chyron graphics operator for the evening news. When she moved out west she went to work in Radio.  However, her passion for being behind the camera didn't fade.  

Joseph Martori, AKA "Joe" is a 25 year veteran of the American Corporate Ladder. He spent 20 of those years in the Resort Development industry as Chief Sales and Marketing Officer for a publicly traded company based in his hometown of Phoenix, Arizona. He also served on its Board. Joe is now a fugitive from his past corporate life and is living in Phoenix under a new identity as a Professional Photographer.  He has had a passion for photography from the time he was young.  He began taking pictures over 25 years ago with his Canon AE 1 and developed his own film in a dark room.

With Joe's technical skills and bold approach and Dia's artistic eye and ability to create a natural, easy-going atmosphere, they are the consummate photography team.  The two eloped in 2010 and have one son. 

"In 1/1,000th of a second, a photograph captures and preserves forever a moment in time.  Whether a monumental event of historic importance or just the way a certain ray of light glances across a child's forehead, the photograph objectifies time.  Now it can be revisited, re-lived perhaps.  We can carry time with us on a piece of paper, in a book or in any of hundreds of electronic devices and share that moment- EXACTLY as it happened- with someone who wasn't there.  Photography is the vehicle by which we can share our moments across spans of both time and great distance.
But first, someone has to take the picture..." - Jospeh Martori II